Doctoral degrees

It’s awarded to distinguished individuals who have achieved pre-eminence in their profession, or who have contributed significantly to the development of their country / society.They are often given to those who have either made contributions to a certain field, or more commonly as a “thank you” to those who have made large donations to the institution. The conferment of Honorary Doctorates brings with it goodwill and contribute towards building up a network of research and other academic collaborations. Our honorary award holders are a source of inspiration to our graduates and provide positive role models for their future. Honorary Doctorates are conferred honoris causa, “for the sake of honour”. Honorary Doctorates are awarded as:

Honorary Awards Policy Statement:
Honorary Awards are awarded by the University for the purposes of:
a. formally and publicly recognizing the exceptional or distinguished contribution of an individual to the University, the broader society or a field of academic endeavor;
b. enhancing the standing and reputation of the University; and
c. expanding or building on existing relationships.

Honorary Awards are prestigious honours, intended to recognize substantial achievements or contributions by individuals. Honorary Awards are approved by Council following a rigorous selection process, using specified criteria and the application of due diligence processes (including risk assessment processes) designed to protect both the recipient and the University. To preserve their prestige, consistent with Values, an Honorary Award will only be made to persons of appropriate standing. There is therefore no expectation or requirement on Council o as appropriate to make an award in any category in any year. To protect the integrity of the awards and the reputation of the University, Council may, at its sole discretion, revoke an Honorary Award if in its view a recipient’s continued association with the University would bring the University into disrepute. Nominations must at all stages be treated confidentially.This is an Honorary Doctorate provided to honor the nominee and it's not an Academic Degree. Once awarded, neither the University nor the organizations involved will be held responsible for any disrepute thereafter. The nominee is solely responsible for any/all decisions regarding the application, however once submitted. A nominee must not be advised of or consulted about their nomination at any stage.