USAIU is an international university in the true sense: its students come from over 60 countries, its faculty from more than 40-with the mix of nationalities increasing every year. The majority of the students are from Asia, Africa, Europe, Caribbean and Middle East. But USAIU's continuing interest in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Far East has attracted strong applicants from these parts of the world. And increasingly, USAIU has also been able to welcome students from North America. In addition, our outreach efforts to countries in transition have brought us students from Africa, the Middle East and Central America and South America .we also hope to welcome students from Southeast Asia and Caribbean. Such an international profile is unusual in the sense that very few other universities can claim to have a student and a faculty body within which there is no particular national predominance; this relatively small community offers a richly dense international cross-section.

USAIU 's atmosphere creates special dynamics in the classroom and in the research arena. The university's particular intellectual style combines emphasis on scholarship, research, critical reflection and social engagement. Through both disciplinary depth and a strong comparative and Tran-disciplinary approach, studies at USAIU focus on the diverse and changing social, economic, political and legal aspects and needs of different societies.